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Installation and gallery views for 'Low Res' – my third career solo art exhibit – which ran from Oct 24, 2017 through Jan 16, 2018, at the Whitney Library Gallery in Las Vegas, NV. All of the works in this show explore and expand on the "pixel," creating a dialogue between the realms of digital and analogue in various motifs. 

"To say an image is “low res” — low resolution — is to say it lacks clarity, definition, the proper density of visual information. It’s mostly a term used in modern digital media, meaning a picture is fuzzy, cheap-looking — inferior. Low Res, Eric Vozzola’s new set of paintings, noses fruitfully through the fraught space between the digital and the analog. That dichotomy begins at the formal level: He’s probing a digital phenomenon with the analog technique of painting. Now look at the canvas above, “Balancing Curiosities.” Note how it deftly upends the 21st century’s unquestioning belief in the superiority of the digital. Through a wall of pretty squares that indicate the failure of digital imagery to resolve, we get three glimpses of something organic, mysterious, unresolvable, rendered in old-school black-and-white. Feel your visual brain trying to divine the whole from the occluded pieces. That’s a very high-res sensation." – Scott Dickensheets for NPR's Desert Companion

Show Review on paintthisdesert.com, by Ed Fuentes

'Low Res' Solo Art Show – timelapse of the opening reception on October 24, 2017.
Music: "Electric Blue" by Arcade Fire

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